Sedition Wars Fun Minis

by Roman aka jar

Hello jungle friends,

I know many of you are still waiting to see good photos of my big diorama but honestly it is not done yet. We are on it and also prepare a 360° and detail video, but it takes time and time is limited right now for me as I am already preparing my two weeks of holiday which is starting soon. So the only thing I can ask is patience and meanwhile you can listen to this song if you are getting bored.

As you might have seen there are some painted figures in the lottery for our readers and those who subscribe to our newsletter. Those figures have been painted for fun a while ago ... these are my two:

Sedition Wars, 28 mm

Sedition Wars, 28 mm

Nothing fency here, just pure fun figures with the goal to give them away for our readers. Indeed I can see I do like the Sedition Wars figures. Great quality and detailed figures. Hope you like them too!

So far,
Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes


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