Kulmbach 2013

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

while the other apes rocked Cologne I was in Kulmbach to visit the "Internationale Zinnfigurenböse Kulmbach" and to take part in the well-known contest.

It was a very nice weekend, thanks to a lot of nice people (especially Andreas, Patrick, Peter, Carsten, Conny & Christoph) and a big amount of nerd-chats.

Kulmbach is famous for its miniature-market. A big tent full of traders! If you enter the tent the first time it´s breath taking... I have never seen so much minis and hobby stuff in one place. Fantasy minis, historical minis, flats, modelkits, brushes, colours... you can get nearly everything for your hobby. So if you go there next time (in 2015) be sure to take a lot of money with you... you will need it and really want to invest it ;)

Here some impressions:

But what ab out the contest? Here you could find a big amount of flat- and historical figures which were very very intersting to study. Sadly there have not been that much attendents in the full-figure categories, but nevertheless some awesome pieces.

Here my gallery: CLICK ME!!!

To be honest the contest needs some new developments to use its full potential in the future. For example some new categories like "Only Fantasy" or "Modelling" to make the contest more attractive to the growing community. At the moment the flat/historical-only roots are very strong and so some decisions in the contest were not very convincing. But I´m sure the organizers are full aware of these points and will change them soon :)

See you in 2015!



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