CELEBRATING the 1500 Followers, finally!!

by Roman aka jar

Hey ho! 

We told you several weeks ago that the jungle has reached 1500 Followers via blogger and on facebook we reached over 2500 likes. That is so awesome!!! And we want to give something back and say thanks!

Everybody has a chance to win four painted figures:

#1 - painted by Raffaele Picca aka Picster
#2 - painted by Benedikt Sedlmair aka Benji
#3 and #4 - painted by Roman Lappat aka jarhead

What you got to do?

Not much in fact. Just subscribe our Newsletter until August 31st 2013 and you will be in the lottery and maybe it is you who will be drawn as a lucky winner! You can subscribe via the blog on the right navigation bar.

Now hit it and tell your friends!

Don't forget that the MASSIVE STUDIO QUEST is over now! 
Bring your entries in!


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