Late Nights WiPs

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey Guys,

last night my good friend Andreas aka Feanor was at my place and we had a great painting session together. I´m actually working on a very-long-time-wip.... the "Drunken Pirate". It´s time to get him out of the wip-section of my cabinet as the half-finished bust makes me crazy every time I have a look at my miniatures.

So last night I focused on the face and the hat... and actually I enjoy painting him... I´m sure he won´t be a perfect paintjob but he has to be finished before I start the next project.

Here the actual pictures of Andreas´ Viking Chief and my Pirate:

There is still a lot to do... but somehow I have the feeling I will have a lot of time the next days... I wanted to fly to Egypt tomorrow and enjoy my hardly needed holidays... but well... chaos is breaking loose down there and the German Auswärtiges Amt (Office of Foreign Affairs) has published a warning... so I will cancel the holidays if it´s possible but don´t know if I get another trip quickly enough to use my free days... so if anybody has an idea where to go, I´m happy about ideas ;-)

But nevertheless... my thoughts are with my friends in Egypt... please take care!



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