Games Day Germany 2013 - Winners

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

we just got up at Philip's and the first thing I wanted to do is to tell everyone what a great event it was!
Thank you for the great time and all the good talks.

Now as a little thank you, here is a list of the Golden Demon winners.

Golden Demon Germany 2013

Scratch Demon
Michael Stillmader

Young Bloods
Bronze: Florian Wienand
Silver: Arnold Ludger
Gold: Floyd Drescher
(left: silver, middle: bronze, right: gold)

Open Category
Bronze: Andreas Ulrich
Silver: Łukasz Grzyb
Gold: Daniel Huber
(left: gold, middle: silver, right: bronze)

40K Single
Bronze: Łukasz Grzyb
Silver: Manuel Wenkert
Gold: Michal Pisarski

40K Unit 
Bronze: Jonathan Garthier
Silver: Benedikt Sedlmair
Gold: Marco Bariselli
(left: gold, middle: silver, right: bronze)

40K Vehicle
Bronze: Cedric Lurkin
Silver: Mathias Paaschburg
Gold: Thomas Kyrsting
(left: silver, middle: gold, right: bronze)

40K Large Model
Bronze: Ben Komets
Silver: Markus Würdinger
Gold: Christoph Eichhorn
(The left figure is not the correct 3rd Place, middle: gold, right: silver)

WHFB Single
Bronze: Sean Damm (Georg Damm)
Silver: Adam Halon
Gold: Mo Ganji
(left: gold, middle: silver, right: bronze)

Bronze: Christoph Eichhorn
Silver: Rafael Garcia Marin
Gold: Ben Komets
(left: gold, middle: silver, right: bronze)

WHFB Large Model
Bronze: Adam Halon
Silver: Philip Prinz
Gold: Rafael Garcia Marin
(left: bronze, middle: gold, right: silver)

Bronze: Harald Moosmann
Silver: Christoph Eichhorn
Gold: Elias Alonso
(left: gold, middle: bronze, right: silver)

Bronze: Christop Blumenthal
Silver: Micha Pisarski
Gold: Roman Lappat
(left: silver, middle: gold, right: bronze)

Lord Of the Rings
Bronze: Christian Hardy
Silver: Adam Halon
Gold: Fausto Palumbo
(left: gold, middle: silver, right: Christian Hardy)

Forge World Best of Show
Tomasina Damien

Slayer Sword
Roman Lappat

If you have any corrections for this list, please send me a mail to: picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com

My deepest respect to all winners, thank you for all the joy that my eyes had yesterday!
And for sure, my best wishes and biggest respect to my Bibab Roman who finally finished his project and it payed out! Yeeesss!!!

More photos and stuff will be posted the next days!
Best wishes,


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