Inspirational Summer breeze

by Roman aka jar

Again it is time to let my collected inspirational links loose. As July was pretty busy for me with spending more time in the studio than at home there are not many ... but let's see what you can find behind those:

Asuka and Haker
Pirate Viking Painting: Tooltime: Airbrush
TableTop Terraformers
Scale Model Challenge 2013 (MV will be there!)
Rodion Rubin: NMM Gold Tutorial
SBS - Celtic Chieftain Chariot (Jula)
SBS - Celtic Chieftain Chariot (Rusto)
Mini-Course: Color theory applied to miniatures
Shoop Sculptural Design
Sculpting the Hand
Using Crackle Medium on shoulder pads
SBS - Making of the "Maintance Area"
TUT - reinforced concrete

DaveTaylerminiatures: Smooth lines and interesting textures
Woman in the limited palette
Paint your own gorilla
Heritage Illustrations
Color Palettes: Sir William Orpen (1878-1931)

Best Game of Thrones Covers
Kooley High - All day
Kid Tsunami - Bang Exclusive
Alton Ellis - You make me so very happy
Erdenstern - Starting the hunt
MJ - Remember the time

Bugs and others
How to train your dragon 2
Summer is coming
An open letter to the worst Wax Museum
Mirrors Edge
Paintball Extreme
Hell's Angels Motocycle Club Photography
Maldives - A video diary
Mozambique Beauties
Seventh Son - Official Trailer
More Paintball!
Russian Advertisment
The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances

Hope you enjoy!


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