by Bene aka Benji

Hello dear readers!

after the Games Day in Cologne I was (and still be) really motivated for painting, although I already did barely something else the weeks before the Games Day. But it is really relaxing to paint again without the pressure for a contest. So this is the reason, why I started to finish some of the miniatures I began a while ago for different reasons. Most of the minis I started because I wanted to try out some techniques, ideas or just because I needed something different while I was painting another miniature. In fact this leads to some (many^^) unfinished figures and I think nearly everyone of you knows this by himself.

So this one is the first miniature of those, which I finished recently. It´s nothing really special, more like a relatively fast gaming miniature. I began this one pretty close after the hobbit film, because I somehow liked the new colorscheme of Elrond in armor. As it was an old gaming figure from me the base isn´t really special (and because I was too lazy to build a new one at that time).

But enough text for the moment, here are some pictures:

I hope you like this guy.

So much for now. May be some of you are also expecting some pictures of my Warhammer 40k unit I entered in the competition in Cologne. I´m on it and soon they will follow.

Wish you a nice sunday evening!




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