Games Day Germany 2013 - Kong Fu - part 2

by Roman aka jar

... and the Kong Fu goes on.

Part 1 - here!

I was talking about the presentation I held early morning on Games Day Germany 2013 where I really learned to stop thinking about working on my diorama. I was so used to think about working on it when I went home from the studio in the last months so it was not easy to say: "Ok, it is done now! Really done now!" ...

A lot of people asking me these days about final studio photos of my diorama to see more and I can only say that those will be done in the next couple of days. There was no time to do them up front if you consider I was painting until Games Day came very close.

A lot of people ask me about a Work in Progress report about the project and yes, there will be one too, but don't expect that one too early. My holidays are approaching next week and as I was really asking a lot from her the last months and did not find much time for her. She now is the queen again that she deserves to be and I am finally again a strong force to clean the flat properly or get some icecream for her with my bike. So I can't tell you how fast I will be to do the report, but I can tell you there will be one for sure. Here is a little preview on some of the 300+ WIP photos I have made in the last 2,5 months:

And honestly I don't want to write about my diorama at the moment. I am not yet realizing that it is done. It feels unreal to have a normal life back or let's say it has not arrived yet and I really feel ... uhm, empty and exhausted, believe it or not. I would love to sit down and write the article just right away but I just can't at the moment. I am looking forward to go on holiday in the end of next week and meanwhile it feels I have to catch up with my life that I lost during hiding in the studio cave and catch up with my emailwork, which exploded even more after winning the Slayer Sword. And still I am getting more exhausted every day - so I think best would be to rest a little while before ... everything else.

For me it is more important to tell my Kong Fu about the Games Day and Golden Demon itself. The things I expected, the things I felt and the goals I set for myself.

Making a jump to something completly different now: 
Let's start with my three most important moments I found for myself on Games Day Germany. There are four, but I already told you about the first one, where I finally realised during the presentation that the project was truely finished now. There have been many more and way more important ones: to meet friends, new and old ones but this would make this Kong Fu explode if I would describe to you what I felt meeting up with everybody and maybe you would get bored too :D

Moment 1:
Hotel Lobby on Saturday night. Already a little drunk me.

Mo Ganji, a very nice, kind and great person said he will be back in a second. He has something for me, a little gift. I did not expect a gift and there is also no need to give one to me I told him, but he just said I shall wait a second. He came back with this and said he was thinking of me while he was in Africa teaching Art classes in schools there. He has been to one village where Gorillas lived close in the mountains and they made those masks. He gave it to me and I really felt my heart explode in that moment. Unexpected.

Moment 2:
Entering the Golden Demon Competition was not as easy as I expected. I transported my diorama in a big box by Ikea, the project well fixed with Pattafix (Blue-Tac) on some wood, all fixed well inside the box. Unpacking I realized that it is not as easy to remove the Pattafix from the underneath the project and I found Mati, my good old monkeybrother to help me with this issue. I totally trust Mati and I was so happy that it was him helping me, but honestly I died a thousand deaths holding the piece while Mati was working away the rests of Pattafix with pure patience. It only took about three Minutes but for me it felt like 10 years. Thanks my friend!

When the GW-staff took the diorama into the cabinet I felt another relief.
It is done now, again :D

Moment 3:
After it was announced that I have won the sword I had the same problem that I had during the "party" in the hotel lobby. I was stunned and can't remember much. Thanks to everybody who came over to say congratz. It was really nice to have looked in so many faces I know and cherish, but honestly I can't remember much as I felt kind of knocked out. I woke up outside when everything calmed down a bit and was heading for a cigarette. Please don't smoke, it is bad for your health. I leaned the sword against the walls of the Gürzenich and there was a little boy heading towards me to give congratz. We talked a bit and he asked me - as he was taking part in this years Youngbloods category, but wasn't placed - if I might have some feedback on his figure. That's what I did and I really saw that this guy will paint the future before he got picked up by his mum. That was a great moment - I mostly forgot about smoking my cigarette as I don't like smoking in front of kids.

For sure there were many, many, many more moments I enjoyed and everybody of us there had their own moments to cherish. I just can't catch it all. So this is just my insight. Phil made some nice photos of people all around and I love to show them to you now ... mainly from the painting demonstrations I just realized. But there are so many photos around the www with figures and more people that you should check my first report

If you want to see more impressions of this years German Games Day follow these additional links. Reports about the event, people and figures popping out everywhere:

Anna's photos on facebook (I would have loved to find more time, it is always great to see you)
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Massive Volomir's report 3
GD Report by M R Lee (it was sooooo good to see you again, can't wait for September with some more time together) 
GD Slayersword report by M R Lee (you are far too kind, Mister!)
bottegamoderna (more photos arriving!)

Bent Ejaas (FB album)
Bent Ejaas on facebook (very happy to see you and your weird friends with the weird hat again)
5th Dimension report 
Link Collection on masterminis (man, I just saw this, why am I typing here!)

And again, if you want to see a full list with photos of the winning entries check this link!

As said I will still continue this Games Day Germany 2013 - Kong Fu with more parts, but I am in a big need to regain my energies. I start this today with shaving properly again after a long while of a life in the cave.

I was pretty happy to see that there are already good photos of my diorama on the GW White Dwarf page - if you want to see them follow this link! It was truely nice meeting those White Dwarf guys from UK as they joined the aftermath-beer-session on the river. I can already say to every White Dwarf reader,  that there might be a WIP article of my Diorama in a future issue of Games Workshops Hobby magazine. Stay tuned for the future!

So far from todays Kong Fu
... read you again when part 3 drops in ...

Bent Ejaas (FB album)

Happy Painting to all of you!
Said that, it is unbelievable as yesterday night I was already painting again :D


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