Kong's WIP thoughts - August #02

by Roman aka jar


... that was the first thing that came to my mind when I was in the studio again, but a lot more thoughts followed:

My Monster of a project is now done and I was able to transport it without any damage to the place and back. Well, this place definatly needs a big clean up, what a mess. I really did spent most of my time in the last couple of weeks here? Should I be concerned about having some health issues from those hours working in here? I guess yes!

I helped cleaning up the place a little bit, but I was not really able to concentrate on one thing very long. I had to admit to myself that I was tired, exhausted and had no idea what to do with myself. While I was working on my big diorama I used a rotary disc to put it on and it changed from clean in the start to this look during the project:

After cleaning up my place again, I thought "Ok" again. What to do now? I somehow got pretty connected to this rotary thing just because of the time I was sitting in front of it. I wanted to burn something on top and so we did, but for sure not the project which stood on top of it for so long. There will be a great video tutorial about what exactly happened here, so stay tuned for the future and don't burn something on your own without getting all the information required for a campfire full of safety in our future tutorial.

Campfire time. Everybody loves campfires and somehow sharing this campfire time with my friends really was a great moment. It helped me to close the case a bit more. I was able to sit down afterwards without thinking "ok" or "ok" all the time and enjoyed the time with my friends. I was even able to take a brush again to paint and ... c'mon I thought to myself after the Tyranid-project I might not paint anymore for months, but I was wrong. I do love painting too much ...

I started on a figure that I am painting for a friend in France. I already painted it once but it is really a very relaxing figure and I was pretty happy with the result for the evening. It felt so good not to paint 127 figures, instead concentrating on only one - Krog le mutant - still WIP:

Right now I am trying to get hold of my email thunderstorm and still have to catch up with older ones which I lost during the progress of my diorama. Sorry again, but patience with me will be rewarded, promised - even my tigers at home don't look like they believe me anymore ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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