Painting Jam 30 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

Tim asks via mail:

"Hey Roman,

We met at Adepticon and I got your Artbook. Your seminar and your artbook both inspired me to begin working on a piece I would call my first display model. Honestly I read your artbook and the instruction book almost everyday and it really makes me want to paint!

Anyway, I want to add crushed beer cans to the base. Do you know any way to make or purchase beer cans?

My first thought is to sculpt them using ork grenades as a base. What do you think?


My answer:

For beer cans try to buy some wire, we buy one with a hole in it. I am not sure if I can describe it properly, so here is a photo:

try to get something like that in metal, seized very small, then cut or saw it in pieces, add a little plastic piece or putty to the bottom and put it where you want it.
You can also make them look destroyed, just press them.

Hope I could have helped you!


That's it for today - a short FAQ.
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