Kong's WIP thoughts - August #01

by Roman aka jar

Hello jungle traveler, 

the jungle might stay pretty silent in the next days from my side.

I am not really able to write a lot as I spent mostly every minute awake in the studio and paint.
Meanwhile I don't feel the heat anymore, I don't feel my exhausted body limbs anymore, I just paint. through everyday. I won't surrender to my inner demons.

Soon it is over and I am looking forward to make some summer holidays after the Games Day Germany. In retroperspective I will for sure say that this summer sucked. Painting all the time in a cave, but the holiday with my lady will make all good again. You can't imagine how much I am looking forward to that.

Yeah, it is August.
I was close to miss the change as the last month went by with too much time spent in the studio. I decided not to show any more progress of my project, but as I got asked the last days: yes, there will be a report about it as I made already 250+ photos ...

So, as you can see I ain't got much to tell, so I will jump the bike and head out for the studio ...
swinging the brush ... musica if you like!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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