unfortunately ... ebay drop in!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Unfortunately Ymir the White, Lord of Stonegate 
did come back to me due french post office delivery problems.
I used the right adress, they just did not want to deliver him properly and so the highest bidder asked me to give him his money back for not recieving the parcel for 5~6 weeks. Finally he arrived home back again with a big sticker in french language I do not understand. I already contacted the one who won the figure back a while if he would be still interested but I got no information back. So Ymir is out again, searching a new home where he can save the StoneGate from goblins taking a ninja-piss ...

Happy Bidding!

PS: And remember he is truely tiny,
here you can see him in my cabinet with seize comparision 
to a Citadel pot!


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