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by -Matt Cexwish-

Ughghhh, Dear Jungle Critters!

As long as the Apes are holding their Jungle Verdict in order to announce the Winner of the Easter Ei Challenge, we would like to draw your Attention to a wonderful upcoming Online Painting Contest that some of us will be Judging... First, feel free to check out the Organizers Website + Miniatures...

The Official Website

The Models


After a handful of both Online and Physical contests we now decided to advertise the Contests broadly all over the Net... We want to open this great Field of miniaturized opportunities to a bigger (and most importantly) international crowd of Miniature Artists! Thus we announced: The 3rd Online Painting Battle!

Who is organizing the contest?
The Russian Alternative. Please check out our Website here.

What will happen?
 An international, online Miniature Painting Contest.
We offer you to paint any model, produced by Russian Alternative and compete with your work for monetary prizes!

The total prize fund is 1000 Euro:

1st Place –   400 Euro 
2nd Place –  300 Euro 
3rdPlace –   200 Euro

The prize for the Public Choice Award is determined by the community voting on our forum – prize 100 Euro.
· An artist should paint ONLY models, produced by the Russian Alternative company
· The bases must be not more than 50 x 50 mm
· One painter is offered to present only one model to the contest
· Model conversions are NOT accepted

For Whom?
Virtually ANYONE who wants to compete in a Miniature Painting Contest online, meaning without having to travel anywhere and still getting a chance to compete with some of the Best Artists in the World + winning the generously set Prize money.  Even if your Level is not the Highest you should still compete to gain valueable experience, develop your painting skills and there is also the Audience Choice Award that can be completely based on the "Wow!" Factor of a Miniature.

Where will it take place? Here. And on Our Forum.

Whenwill it take place?
The contest deadline is 30st June 2012. Attention: REGISTRATION REQUIRED!!! Please write us an email on with your registration request and any further questions, including how to get hold of the models for the contest!
Why are we doing it?
Because we can and want to see some beautiful Entries and Happy Faces :). We are looking forward seeing your Work! To Arms... uhm, Brushes!

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The Organizers want to encourage you to group up with a couple of Friends once you order the Miniatures for the Painting Battle, therefore they will grant FREE SHIPPING of Miniatures all over the World if you and a Friend register to participate... Yaaaay! :D Simply drop Sergey a few Lines and ask him about the Special Shipment Option for Friends...:D...


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