Mmh ... Kong Fu big time :D

by Roman aka jar

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Kung Bow Kung Teng Kong Fu

I have to excuse myself ...
I was doing nothing the last days ...
Nothing about work, nothing about figures mostly,
just cleaning and reworking my "office and workspace"and preparing it for the summer.

I did get rid of the white colour palace called "paint rack" I did build myself.
Moved it to the basement for higher purpose in the future.
All these colours in front of my eyes made me mad like a bull confronted with red.
I had to realize this and after I was sure I had to head straight back to the roots.
To my black flute box - but pimped :)

Strange world sometimes this one is ... but the heart tells the way :)

Now I will post up the eggciting, totally eggsome, ultrafeggcy galleries - hooray!!!

Best Wishes


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