MV Easter Season Contest - Entries, part 2

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

 Hello eggcited jungle friends,

it is about fegging time for 18 eggies to our latest creativy challenge, called MV Easter Season Contest - you can find the rules and everything about it linked up here! Time to let the eggs roll in - really the jungle is totally amazed by your entries and Raffa, Peter and I will have a hard task in judging your eggbastic entries in the upcoming days. A big thanks and deep Namaste-bows out of the jungle mountains to all of those brave eggblowers - big respect for their creativity in the drop-dead gorgeous entries - YOU, ladies and gentleman are cooler than Spiderman :)

I will post 3 eggs in one post only in the upcoming days so that everyone gets the attention deserved. To all those who were not able to take part - don't hold back your comments and oppinions and eggcitment. Let's get it on ...

I will add explanation texts to the entries if there is one and I will only post three photos to every entry - I hope to take the best ones. Be sure that your judging team has a lot more photos of each entry, some with bad light, some with strange light, some with the official signs made by mobile and etc. - just want don't want to show too much - hope everyone is doing fine with three :)

Now enjoy more eggness!

by Harald

The proud dwarf 
and his mining treasure
by Dominik

"In Space No One Can Hear You Wish Happy Easter"
by Marco Frisoni aka Pseudolo

"The story:In a far future, a huge corporation wanted to export Earth's Easter in all the planets of the galaxy.The company has cloned the Easter Bunny and the clones leaved the Earth to reach even the farthest planets... but something of ancient and savage waits in the dark and cold space, so...
Beware on where you paint!"

More to come soon ...


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