lil' scary girls fear the cat

by Roman aka jar

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These days are pretty quiet in the jungle ...

BUT I for my part am not lazy ... did draw a comic on comission for a wedding couple with some of their most important memories of life, did draw more, yeah really I somehow lost my muse when it comes to Miniature Painting, but I just draw and be free inside the book without borders - just like I was in the past and magically I am doing miniatures too again ... drawing is simply so regenerating ...

The last one is the inlay of a birthday card I gave away yesterday. 18th birthday. 
New "earholes-for-wearing-earings-coupon". Now I have to go with the birthday-person to the place as she is now scared of horrible things that might happen there :D

Yeah colourful drawing stuff going on and really feeling fine with it ... meanwhile I got some photos of lately done figures.

This first one was a co-project of Raffa and me while we were at the Painting Crusade earlier this year. I told you that they had a painting table there and Raffa and I bought those two to have some fun during the day. We bought a socket, went outside, collected some dirt, build up a base, lent only black and white from Val and painted without even primer in a short time ... very funny ...

The next two figures are some little girls of Privateer Press again. 
Both done as a gift ...

And another one, yet a little more angel-like ...

I wish you a sunny Sunday with much Sun :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Feel the wrath of Ytar!!!!


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