MVTV - Duke of Bavaria Video Report #1

by Roman aka jar

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Even some of you thought my colours fell down by accident I have to claim that it wasn't like that. I just ripped them off to get them back to order. Really, hugh this sounds stupid, but ... but ... my girlfriend saw me doing so - stupid I know :D

Whatever - stupid is the right thing to talk about.
We had such an amazing weekend in Ingolstadt at the Duke of Bavaria 2012 and I really felt stupid the days afterwards - stupid because of so many nice moments, chats, people, figures and really Wohow!!!.

Peter will bring up a little article about it for the jungle soon and I am creating some video reports from the show. The following is report #1 from this years miniature show in Ingolstadt, the Duke of Bavaria 2012. The report is made from the view of the apes and I want to say sorry to those who might not be in the video or whose figures are not shown. I try my best to make it nice for everyone. Thanks to Raffa, Peter, Zaphod, Pavel, Andi and Achim for additional photo material.

MUSIC is by

Song #1:
Kevin Macleod - "Movement Proposition"

Song #2:
Kevin Macleod - "Achaidh Cheide"

Song #3:
Kevin Macleod - "Merry go slower"

Hope you like it! It was just an awesome weekend with so many nice miniatures and kind people. See you next year for sure!

Best Jungle Greetings!


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