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by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey my friends,

more than a week ago I left my home and visited the Jungle-HQ in Augsburg. I was happy to see my "home in heart" again and to enjoy two nice days before the Duke of Bavaria Contest took place. Some of you will remember my report from last year where I told you about two weeks of creativity, work and a lot of fun. This year´s contest was a easy one. On Thursday only Valérie and myself where staying at Raffa´s place but on Friday our Austrian friends Sandra, Hanna, Jakob, Kurt and Andi arrived to join us. The atmosphere was a relaxed one as most of us already had finshed their entries... so besides the usual "finishing- and contest-preparation-work" there was a lot of time for nice chats and to enjoy the evening.

Some pictures of Thursday/Friday:

On Saturday we catched our miniatures and went to Ingolstadt. As to stick to a little "tradition" we arrive just in time to be the last ones to place our entries in the displays. Like in the years before I was overwhelmed by the quality of all the other miniatures shown at the contest. It´s always a great source of inspiration to see this great amount of works. But besides miniatures the Duke of Bavaria is the chance to meet with a lot of old friends and to make new ones. So most of the time we were enjoying the contest´s great athmosphere, lying in the sun and keep on talking, talking, talking.
In the evening Ben, Bene and Steffen joined us in Augsburg and together with Roman and Raffa´s grilfriends we had a really great evening with even more laughter and some interesting German-lessons for Valérie :)

Sunday was the last day of the contest. It was time to buy some stuff, have a last look on all the great miniatures and wait for the award show. I think it was a hard piece of work for the jury to choose the winners out of all these pieces of art but they made a really great job! Max the Maxican, was part of the Fantasy-Jury and it was a big pleasure to see him and our Italian friend Andrea again. As always he took his time to explain some of the Jury´s decisions and to give advice how to improve your painting-skills. Thanks for that!

I think everybody was satisfied with the results as there were so many winners. But for me a contest is not about winning, it´s about the people! Thanks to everybody who made this a great event and a even greater weekend :)

There is so much more to tell but I think I have to finish my blabla and show you "some" pictures... below my own pictures you will find a collection of links to different gallerys. Thanks to everybody who shared his pictures with the community!


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Enjoy your day :)


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