Hypnotic Beat!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

haaaaaaa, what a beautiful weekend it was! Meeting old and new friends at the Duke of Bavaria 2012 in Ingolstadt was great as every year! Thanks everyone for this nice experience!

A report about the duke will follow in a short time.

As I finished a project last week, just in time for the duke, I will show you some photos of her.
It is a bust of the Medusa, sculpted by the talented hands of Allan Carrasco for the Lugdunum figurine club. Val was so kind to organize us some copies of this nice bust.

I wanted to create my own impression of a Medusa, ....

Hypnotic Beat

Oh and I finally managed to take some photos of another mini I finished some time ago:

No Fear, No Regrets

I hope you like both of these :)

Read you soon!


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