Private Practice Report - the first day

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle visitors,

as Thorsten arrived yesterday we did not take much time to wait to begin.

We started to look on his homework as he painted a Brekk Bust from Forged Monkey for preparation.

My wish was that Thorsten painted the bust in his actual highest quality in front of the private class.We talked about improvement on some spots on the bust, had some theory about technique, used the airbrush wisely for a good start, shared thoughts on colours and soon switched to start painting the days "Learning figure", Warrior Troll from Enigma as it is really a miniature to explain and learn well. Some impressions from the first half day. Today we start massively to reach for more colour on it.

So far from my Private Practice - read more during this day as Thorsten truely learns so fast and is a fountain of inspiration for me too :)

We wish you all a blessed painting day!
Best Wishes
Roman & Thorsten


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