MV Easter Season Contest - Entries, part 6

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hello eggcited jungle friends,

it is about fegging time for 18 eggies to our latest creativy challenge, called MV Easter Season Contest - you can find the rules and everything about it linked up here! Time to let the eggs roll in - really the jungle is totally amazed by your entries and Raffa, Peter and I will have a hard task in judging your eggbastic entries in the upcoming days. A big thanks and deep Namaste-bows out of the jungle mountains to all of those brave eggblowers - big respect for their creativity in the drop-dead gorgeous entries - YOU, ladies and gentleman are cooler than Spiderman :)

I will post 3 eggs in one post only in the upcoming days so that everyone gets the attention deserved. To all those who were not able to take part - don't hold back your comments and oppinions and eggcitment. Let's get it on ...

I will add explanation texts to the entries if there is one and I will only post three photos to every entry - I hope to take the best ones. Be sure that your judging team has a lot more photos of each entry, some with bad light, some with strange light, some with the official signs made by mobile and etc. - just want don't want to show too much - hope everyone is doing fine with three :)

Now enjoy more eggness!  

Egg Man
by Ervin

Alien Egg
by Ben

"Here is my entry for the Easter Egg Competition. Really great idea by the way. Had a great time creating this piece for the competition. As soon as I had seen we was doing a egg competition "Aliens" popped in my head. So here she/he/IT? is..(Alien Egg)."


Easter Omellete
by Gerald 

This is the last round and all entries are now up to the jungle! Soon we will create a complete gallery of all eggs on facebook and do the hard task of judging.


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