MV Easter Season Contest - Entries, part 1

by Roman aka jar

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Hello eggcited jungle friends,

it is about fegging time for 18 eggies to our latest creativy challenge, called MV Easter Season Contest - you can find the rules and everything about it linked up here! Time to let the eggs roll in - really the jungle is totally amazed by your entries and Raffa, Peter and I will have a hard task in judging your eggbastic entries in the upcoming days. A big thanks and deep Namaste-bows out of the jungle mountains to all of those brave eggblowers - big respect for their creativity in the drop-dead gorgeous entries - YOU, ladies and gentleman are cooler than Spiderman :)

I will post 3 eggs in one post only in the upcoming days so that everyone gets the attention deserved. To all those who were not able to take part - don't hold back your comments and oppinions and eggcitment. Let's get it on ...

I will add explanation texts to the entries if there is one and I will only post three photos to every entry - I hope to take the best ones. Be sure that your judging team has a lot more photos of each entry, some with bad light, some with strange light, some with the official signs made by mobile and etc. - just want don't want to show too much - hope everyone is doing fine with three :)

Now enjoy ...

by Sven

"This is my egg-project „SamurEi“. Its in german a little bit funny, because the word “Samurai” means a Japanese Knight/Warrior and the german word Ei means in English egg .
Also the ending EI is not a mistake.

The miniatur is a 1/72 softplastic/vinyl figure from Zvezda .
I have painted it with paint from GW and Revell.
As I won´t glue the balloon on his back , I think :”Oh no how terrible!” J
So I let it be.

The flowers are from MiniNatur and the egg from a lucky Chicken.
The work was a little bit exciting for me as I normal built ships, aircrafts and tanks.
But it was very funny to built and paint it.
(Sorry for my bad English and the bad pictures. It was horrible to photograph.)
But now enjoy the pics, your Sven"

Humpty Smarty Dumpty
by Dávid

"This is my entry for the MV egg contest - Called "Humpty Smarty Dumpty" - or "Okostojás" in hungarian. The concept was, that Humpty Dumpty after falling from the wall, decides to be sure not to fall off again, and nails himself to the wall - witch is not a really smart idea considering he is being an egg - but he looks satisfied with the result. I really hope, that you will like him, as I really enjoyed sculpting and painting him!
cheers, and thanks for the great inspiration you give me at MV!"

by Alex 

EGGZILLA is really pissed, because every year at the same time mankind comes around 
to take and hide his little brothers and sisters.
But this year mankind has to be frightened.
This year mankind  has to hide."


Stay tuned for more eggciting entries



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