Some miniatures for sale!

by Raffa aka Picster

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Hey everyone!

Ohhh, the sad part of the hobby, for me today it's time to face it again...

I need to sell some of my figures to create some free space in my cabinet...
As my apartement is not the biggest I don't have space for more than two cabinets and both of them are fully packed with miniatures as you can imagine...

As I'm not a big fan of ebay, I will try to offer them here to maybe reduce the number of minis I have to put on ebay ;)

If you're interested in one of those following minis, just write me a mail and we can agree on a price!

So let's start!

The Survivor (SOLD)

No Fear, No Regrets! (SOLD)

Skaven Poison Wind Globadier

The Fallen Angels Heart

The Huscarl

Khorne General on Juggernaut (SOLD)


Chaotic Snail Beast

Tendrae - Undead Warlord


I know those are not my latest minis, but maybe someone still likes them and wants to give them a new home ;)

Best wishes,


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