Weekly Weathering inspiration, part 4

by Massive Voodoo

And part 4 arrives.
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Allright, man the jungle's pace is so fast these days. Not actual on the blog. So many things happening at once and we want to tell you all of them. We remember we said we are up to catch up with the past, but what if the future arrives faster than expected and present is so full of breathe.

Allright, we are quiting whining now and get the jungle bounce until the rest of the year with as many weekly tutorial votings and postings as we are able to.

Let's do some weathering inspiration, shall we?

The reason for this pure inspiration was Peter's and Roman's trip to Arvika, Sweden this year and a crazy guy named Markus, who helped organising this MV's Jar's Beginners class so up north.

He picked up both MV monkeys in Oslo and instead of driving home to Arvika he had a surprise for us and took us to a hidden place somewhere in Sweden's deep forests - a car graveyard with over 800 rusting cars, aged by weathering and nature's power - a beautiful place to take photos and draw inspiration:

Musica :)

If you want to see more inspirational photos and you learn to observe and study real life things for your miniature painting inspiration, you can find more photos like this on Roman's photo instagram account: have a look and stay inspired!


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