Mu 88 - Miniature Madness: Smile

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 
This is review #88
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Today we will look closer on a project called "Smile".
We can say this is a good title and the whole concept of the product ... well, makes you smile. Not laugh about it, but smile and be happy.

box-art painted by Arnaud Lazáro

Smile is by the figure company
"Miniature Madness"
and is sculpted by talented
Leonardo Escovar Quintero 
from Spain.

The whole set is at 59,00 € and comes with plenty of cool stuff, but before we go deeper, let's start the review in a much slower pace.

Roman recieved a parcel with a present.

Green giftwrap paper. Roman knew what to expect, but ...

... he smiled and was surprised when opening it:

Ok, goblins party hard, but this really got Roman on surprise and the smile was big. A little detail that makes this gang of celebrating goblins even more enjoyable. There is this moment where you feel a person is putting heart and soul in what he does and this was such an exact moment. Thank you, Leonardo for what you do.

Allright, let's get this unwrapped.

Allright, this is not so easy. Mission: find all parts.

During searching for all parts Roman felt like an idiot and even thought about getting a little angry, because the wrapping is not so much fun at first. But it is, it feels like smiling even when you get a little upset.

Being smilingly upset is just a sign for being very much out of your comfort zone. Make sure to get all the pieces out of this funny goblin surprise. Roman hates goblins.

They are evil, mean and party too hard:

The first thing catching Roman's view are of course the main bodies of evil laughing and partying gobbos - they just get him a little smilingly upset with the wrapping inside the box, but all parts have been safe and sound and in fact this works very well.
 Second view on the main bodies details. Oh geez!

A cute little piggy!!

Ppmmff! Piggy I eat for breakfast. 
Want that piggy now! Mjom! Mjom!

Please, piggy! I try sneaky for piggy!

These sculpts and the characters included drive you too emotions you see. A strong point. A very strong point and its not about war, heroic behaviour for a historical portrait or tits'n'booty. It's about smiling.

This guy looks very evil and reminds Roman on a friend he got!

Still confetti everywhere!

The casts are in a good quality, Minor preparation work is needed, but well - still smiling - preparing the whole gang and their details will takee quite the while. Details, lets check what makes the goblin party complete:

Bottles of Water. Well, the goblins look like there is only pure Schnaps in it. Mould line preparation unavoidable and not bad and also not perfect. Normal. Average. Medium.

Hands to show "Victory" and another
one for grabbing Schnaps very fast. V!                          Below: A hat that was too big for the photo!

Another party piggy, a cake and more Goblin Schnaps in a barrel.

Another hat, a desk cloth piece, arms to glue hands to.

Allright, plenty of details and a great goblin party with Schnaps and Schnaps-cake. Definatly a group of fellas that make you smile, already while unpacking them. A big delivery of Resin for 59,00 €. Pricewise this is a super offer.

59,00 € for this? Wow!

... and smile for a long time :)

Schnaps or Piggy?


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