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Sharks are beautiful animals and fish, but still
Roman is quite scared of sharks. So far he never saw alive real ones in their natural habitat. Wild ones. He only saw dead ones or plastic of special effect ones in movies, but the one he saw made from plastic for the movie "SAW" when he was like seven years old, made him afraid - even scared - of sharks.

Raffa and Roman have this thing going on: Raffa as an active diver tells Roman to not hate the water in his bathtub and tells him sharks are not dangerous, which they actually are not. Roman tells Raffa the same about too many butterflies in one small room with him. Everyone has his reasons on being afraid of something you know and it is not on us to judge people on it.

Well, back to dangerous sharks. 
What if you cross a shark with an Orc? Black Sailors by Big Child Creatives did such a sculpt. Actually they did not cross the two concepts, but created a bust and full figure of a pirate orc shark hunter. Weird, but really great concept. Roman painted that one up for painting joy and just let color decision flow and go wild. The outcome is this:

Thanks to Peder from Faraos Cigar in Copenhagen and Black Sailors!
Such a cool bust!

Black Sailors, 1:10

Sharky in Roman's hand.

You can find more photos of Sharky via Putty&Paint.

Good News: A step by step about Roman's paintjob and process in preparation :)

This miniature is already in private collection.
Thanks for the support in our work, passion and art.

Keep on happy painting!


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