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Good Morning,

another day in the jungle and we finally come around in fullfilling our promise to catch up with the past. For example Roman did paint Heroes & Villians "Harald" bust. A dwarf bust sculpted by talented Lucas Pina. The scale of the bust is 1/12.

Roman did start to paint him during a really cool private coaching with Josua from Switzerland and as we are catching up with the past this review will also be on the bloe soon. As Josua did decide to learn about atmosphere with Roman it was his task to find his "mood" for his version and Roman was up to just to the opposite version. So Roman's plan was very spontaneous you can say at least.

Good news for all of you follow MV's year of the painter 2: 
There will be a step by step about it in future days.

Josua went for a cold atmosphere and cool sorrounding influancing his model but did put warm temperatured lights coming from one side. Roman therefore decided to go for warm sorroundings and cold lights from the top. Fun.

Josua and Roman called both versions "Fire & Ice" and this is how both looked after the two day MV private coaching.

Well, both did paint on after the coaching and were on fire ... and ice. Read more about it soon in Josua's coaching review. Roman's version ended up like this:

Heroes & Villians, 1/12

You can find more photos of "Fire" on Putty & Paint.

Also Roman's version of Harald is on sale.
If you are interested to make this one yours, please write a mail to
for further information.

Keep on happy painting!


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