Painting Jam #36 - FAQ

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters, 
time for another Painting Jam. You got questions, we try to answer them.

Painting Jams are answers to frequently asked painting question the jungle recieves. We try our best to give you answers that help you have more fun and joy in your own painting ways.

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Please remember that our answers are just... well, our answers. There might be other ways, other oppinions and other good tips, but you were asking us and all that we can provide are our answers. Pick from them what you like and we hope we can help with our thoughts, that we share here in the jungle so more people could gain information from it.


Dirk asks:

I am trying to do what has been described by some as a european style of skin tones.

I like the depth and realism that they tend to show. I looked at your article on Tribal Sacrification. I see that you shaded the rhino's skin with warm and cool tones. The gradient looks amazing. The question I have is why do you do shade with different tones?

Also How do you choose what color to use and where on the mini? I'm painting a miniature from Privateer Press ( I'm trying to do some kind of sick/tallow skin and wanted to implement European style skin tones to make the skin stand apart from the armor better. Something the minis on do very well. Any tips/tricks/tactics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dirk

Roman's answer:
Hi Dirk, well skin. I could write a book about painting it. Well, maybe I should :D I be completly frankly with you. Sitting down now and writing all the things that come together while painting skin would just take too much of my time these days. I also think there ain't a european style or korean style or american style of painting skin. I recommend stopping these thoughts. All they do is to confuse. Painting skin only work with observation of the real thing. Take photos, observe people and get inspiration from other artwork (canvas painting in oil, digital artwork). Skin is very often a desaturated orange as a base tone. If it should be ill looking add some green to it. Placing lights on skin work well with more saturation in the color. Where to place the color variations of skin is obvious if you start to observe. I hope my answer helps you, I did not mean it rude. Attached inspirational artwork for skintones and face. Best Wishes Roman


Cesar asks:
first thanks for the content of your website, it's a great source of knowledge.

As a beginner , with no background in painting or art, I was wondering if there were books I could/should read ? Maybe books someone usually read in art school, and if I could apply it to miniature painting.


Roman's answer:
there is one I can recommend not often enough:

This is a great book :)


Kyle asks:

Any secrets for using Schmincke paints? Struggling to get a smooth layer with them.. But you might have some thoughts on how to use them better ...

Roman's answer:
Paint them thick like a paste. Slap them on the surface. Use matte varnish from Ak if you are annoyed by the shine. You Can also use them for glazes


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