Mu 89 - Hero of the Sky, Ben Komets Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

time for another review on MV. 

This is review #89
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Today we will look closer on a project called "Hero of the Sky".
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This is what the homepage says:

Sculptor: Lucas Pina Penichet
Box Art: Ben Komets
Size: 50mm / 2”
Parts: 4
Material: Resin

Handmade with pride and joy in Berlin, Germany

The bust is at 35,00 € in the store plus shipping cost.
Pricewise for a bust in this size a regular price we would say.

 Allright, jungle review rolling in.
Let's have a closer look on this warrior, no hero of the sky.

1, 2, 3 Unpacked ...

 Wow! If a bust arrives like this it means style ...

Carefully opening up and even more swag and style inside ...
Stickers, a cool wooden box and a card that shows Ben's painted Box-Art ...

... and on the back a drawing of the conceptwork.

Unwrapping the Hero from black paper.

All parts in the box ...

The bust itself is a beautiful piece, wind is playing in the sculpt which makes a sculpt always look cool ...

Mustache! Better pilots got one.

The detail on the bust is really sweet, but also not too complicated. Joyful for painting. The bust is a lot of fun for advanced painters and also is very beginner friendly. Very clear and structured surfaces that call you for painting.

From the cleaning and preperation aspect the bust itself is wonderful and not much cleaning is needed.

Additional parts, part of the scarf and a cigarette, cigar or whatsoever. The scarf looks weird on the first sight, but these small resin skins are very easy to be removed. Just take proper care while use your knife and cutting the pieces from the sprue to do it with the right amount of controlled strength. They might break easily as they are so thin.

Well, four pieces make the bust we only used three. As I spoke with Ben they had to make the buckle of his headgear as a single piece in the second batch. This review is made with a sculpt from the first batch.
Easy to attach. Really very beginner friendly and a very funny sculpt.

The model paints itself, because of the funny character. Here is a WIP shot of Roman's version. Lucas Pina is one hell of a sculpter, every Volume is fun to slap color on. This bust was started at this years NOVA Open in several of Roman's seminars and also some brave students painted on it.

Roman's version ...

A really cool bust. The Hero of the Sky will definatly bring you painting fun and joy. Easy to assemble, easy to clean up, not overloaded with details, but the details he got are a good painting fun (for examples two pairs of glasses you can play with!)

Quite the character. 
We just heard about a restock on this bust and if you enjoy it ...

You can get your version here:


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