MV Ultimate Paint Rack - Feedback needed!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters!

MV just returned from the Scale Model Challenge and this week still keeps the monkeys very busy with mails, projects and even private coachings. No tutorial voting this week again. Shame on us!
BUT ...

We are about to write a big final post on the Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign.
Explaining a bit about the Indiegogo Campaign and most important:
more details on how it will continue with the:

What we need to make this article really interesting and to help us get a better view on the project is the following:

One or two sentences, best with a photo or the Ultimate Paint Rack, explaining what you are doing with it, an experience you had with it or anything interesting or funny that is connected with it!
We also would love to hear what you think about the Paint Rack after a while of using it.

Send it in a mail to:
with the subject "Paint Rack Feedback.

If you add in your full name and post adress, the ones that get selected for the final post will receive a little suprise thank you package!

Thank you very much!

And also do not forget to sent in your Workspace for MV's Birthday celebrations ...


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