Tutorial Voting: Does Ragnok find his way?

by Massive Voodoo

Wroom! Wrroom!
Massive Voodoo's jungle engines are heating up.
Time for Tutorial Voting again on this beautiful, but cold Tuesday here on Germany.

This week's voting result will be revealed on Friday.

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SBS - Sculpting: Ragnok. Norse Orc Hero
A step by step by Raffa. Raffa takes you through his journey on the sculpting work on this cool bust by Fer Miniatures. How can you even sculpt a character like this from zero? Interested? Vote for it?

SBS - Find your way
A step by step by Roman. By voting this Roman takes you on an insight ride through his work and thoughts on this bust by Midnight Miniatures. A cute hobbit on his walk through a peaceful forest. Will green influance it all?

Happy Voting!


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