Review: Private Coaching with Josua

by Massive Voodoo

 Good Morning Jungle,

incoming private coaching review.
This time with Josua. 

Roman enjoyed two splendid days with Josua.
Main subject on the coaching with this friendly gentleman from Switzerland was
"how to create atmosphere while painting a miniature".

Roman and Josua did start right away and painted like madmen
during the two day MV private coaching. 

Roman & Josua

... and apples in tribute to Kirill Kanaev.

Let's hear what Josua has to tell about his private coaching experience with Roman, shall we?

Josua's Private Coaching Review:

Hi there Jungle People

In the next few sentences I will try to describe what I experienced in the two day Massive Voodoo Private Coaching.

After roughly 12 years painting I was really excited to have my first class ever as a Private coaching with Roman.

Finally the first day arrived… As I came into the Studio Roman was already busy preparing the stuff for the coaching. After a good strong black Coffee we dived right into the Wonderful World of colours. The topics that I chose and talked about before the class were : “How to paint Atmosphere” . A few minutes in and I already began to recognize how much Roman loves colours and the whole subject of Atmosphere. After the Basic Color theory stuff I had 3 tasks to master which include to mix several color out of the Primary Colors (cyan,yellow,magenta ). In this first part was so much knowledge already that I was getting more and more excited for what was in front of me. After about 2 hours playing around with colors Roman and me decided to go straight to the Bust we chose to paint over the next two days. After a good talk about the Story behind a Project we started with the main part.


A wolf

Another wolf, but this time atmospheric, very.

... and what Josua made out of blobs.

I decided to paint my bust in a cold Atmosphere with a warm light from a slightly tilted angle. The funny part was that Roman had exactly the same Bust in front of him but decided to paint the opposite Atmosphere on his one which meant warm overall atmosphere with a cold zenithal light . We started pretty quickly with a good measure on guiding from Romans side. I never had the feeling that roman tried to change the way I paint a glaze or a color transition. He was always interested to show me his way of seeing something what colors he used and why, how they work and interact with each other.

A little happy accident.

Day one was gone in a blink of an eye. As I was on my way to my Hotel room I slowly realized how much I learnt in this one day of being with Roman.

Fire and Ice :)

Day two started again with a good black coffee and some reflection of day one. Right after it we started to work more on the different parts of the model as we mainly blocked in all the colors on the previous day. For every important part there was a short theory part to make sure that everything was clear. The painting sessions in-between these short theory breaks where full of painting and fun. Sometimes I almost forgot where I was because the atmosphere in this studio is so full of joy and creativity that It really felt like home.

Day two went so fast as well ... My bust was not finished yet but I had the knowledge to finish it at home for sure!!  In these two days I learnt so much I can not describe it and if I am honest with you I have not been able to assimilate everything till this moment as I write this review.

Dwarf's never forget their weapons. You know how stupid this looks, Harald?
Harald here and Harald there! Beware!
Warm and cold Harald.

This teaching has showed me that that atmosphere is a much bigger subject than I ever thought. It also filled up my motivation and creativity level to the brim !! These two days are one incredible experience that you can make as a painter!!

I can not  recommend it enough…



Both versions were finished after the coaching. They looked like this:

You can find more photos of Josua's Ice here and more of Roman's Fire here.

Keep on happy painting!

Info if you are considering doing a private coaching with Roman: 
The year 2016 is fully planned. After weekend painting classes are getting fixed for the first half of 2017 as we speak it is soon time to build private coaching sessions around this. Already starting slowly. So if you want to take a private coaching with Roman, just write him a mail :)


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