Tutorial Fails

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

todays post is about failing.

Some of you might remember 2014 being the year of the painter on MV.
Your jungle crew wrote many articles last year during the year of the painter initiative,
about 56 fresh and free tutorials and step by steps. For those of you who do not remember:

2014 - the year of the painter on MV

Well, during these months some more articles were planned, but were never finished. Even in 2015 some articles were planned, but somehow exhaustion took over and not many articles made it to the blog thus far.

Following comes an overview on those, with little explanation what they might have aimed for and why they failed:

Fail #01
While Roman was working on the Cosmonaut in 32 mm he planned to write a step by step, but failed because of the lack of energies. In this article he wanted to show how he prepared little satelites and how he painted the project. Failed.

Fail #02
With this article Roman had in mind to explain how cool it is to work with bark from a tree for your bases. Failed, because of lack of energies. Bananalicious organisation took over!

Fail #03
Roman planned a step by step article on his comission of a Predator jumping through the jungle. Failed, because he missed to take important photos. Fail.

Fail #04
Roman planned to write a full step by step of his latest Roman Signifer bust, but went totally crazy with colours, forget to take photos of all steps and called it done before he was able to think of the article again. Fail.

Fail #05
Another Predator was main actor in this planned but failed article. Roman wanted to explain his experience of combining acrylic colours and high pigmented water colours. He failed because he learned much in this one, but wasn't able to explain it as he was collecting first time experience on his own. Fail.

Fail #06
Roman wanted to write a big article about the beautiful variety skintones, he is collecting many heads ever since, but wasn't able to start the article yet, even he talked about it in the past. Fail!

Why writing about these fails?
Well, easy answer. It helps Roman to put them away, out of his mind. Hopefully making room for new ones. Failing is not bad, it is a step that leads to growing stronger.

As MV went a little quiet this year about tutorials and articles Roman's hope is to find time to work on further articles when the Bananalicious Contest 2 is over and finished. You can not imagine how much work it is to finish a contest with 290 entries and 60+ random prizes.

If you miss to read brand new articles, be sure you have read all the others thus far!
Check Massive Voodoo's article section to get inspired!

So far, keep on happy painting everyone!


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