Review: MV's Picsters Conversion- and Sculpting Class in Hamburg, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Everyone!

Some months ago Raffa decided to plan his first sculpting class.
The goal of the class was to introduce new people into the joy of sculpting.

Some weeks ago the first class actually took part in the beatiful city of Hamburg.

And at this point we want to thank Heiko for his steady, massive support.
Offering us the Wu Dao Kung Fu School as a location to have amazing workshop weekends.
Xie xie, Shifu!

On Thursday Roman, Steffen and Raffa even had the chance to do some (exhausting) Kung Fu sword class.
It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun! If you live in Hamburg, give it a try!

Wu Dao School

The perfect atmosphere for a class? Yes!

Let's start the review with Friday!
After everybody arrived and all places were set, Raffa explained the first part of the class:
Understanding basic volumes and advantages of different sculpting clays.

Concetrated faces...

With this knowledge and after getting used to the Super Sculpey Firm, everybody managed to sculpt a really nice chest!

For most it was the first sculpting experience... really great results!

The first contact with sculpting clay left everybody a bit squeezed out, ready for some recharging sleep!

Saturday was started with the introduction of a new clay... and coffee served by the great ladies taking care of the bar.

Thank you for serving us with the most important things!

Magic Sculp was used for some conversions, changing the pose of a plastic mini and adding a cape.
Everyone was amazed how easy such a task is with the right tools, technique and some bravery.

To have even more tools, techniques and materials were shown to build and refine the own sculpting tools. A quite time consuming task, but very rewarding!

With the new tools the biggest task of the weekend was started: sculpting a bust from scratch.
Most beginners were a bit intimidated by this part, but Raffa explained step by step how to create the basic volumes of the face.
It was very important to Raffa that not everyone sculpted the same "anatomical correct" face.

 First time sculpting!

And so, step after step, every bust got more and more detailed.
Each facial feature was added with explanations.

Saturday quickly passed by and after some sleep we started into the "bust-only" Sunday.

More and more details were added and after an incredibly fast passing Sunday most of the bust were at a really good state.
What used to be a pack of Super Sculpey turned into a dozen of busts.

Everyone was amazed with the results and everyone agreed that the "fear of clay" was completely lost. The road was paved for a lot of sculpting joy!

 The group of madman that spent the whole weekend pushing around clay :)

It was an amazing experience for Raffa as it was his first "solo" class and the goal of bringing sculpting fun was fulfilled as a dozen of happy people confirmed :)

We are looking forward forward to see more happy painters growing into happy sculpters!
Check out Raffas next sculpting class in Augsburg if you are interested! 


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