Ogre Brutes

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

Recently Roman painted a cast from his own sculpt, the Ogre brute he recently did.
He said it was a cool experience to paint one up, but also a strange one, as he really got confused about 1) working his brain off while sculpting all the volumes for the bust and 2) thinking about all those volumes again while painting it.  Photos of the sculpting work on Putty&Paint.

Ogre Brute
Sculpt by Roman, painted by Roman

You can see more photos of the bust on Putty&Paint.

During MV's private coaching with Dominik,
Raffa did also paint his version of this Ogre brute. It is really fascinating how different these two characters look in the end.

Ogre Brute
Sculpt by Roman, painted by Raffa

This bust will be available in the future of Massive Voodoo,
but unfortanetly not just right now! Right now we also do not have an ETA yet on when the shop will be back. We are working on it.. The shop that will arrive will be a bigger and better shop than before but withit goes much work! We are on it!

Keep on happy painting and sculpting!
Best Wishes


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