Raffas Work in Progress

by Raffa

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to share some Work in Progress photos of my latest sculpts.

First this guy, maybe some of you already saw the painted version by Roman :)
On this photo there was still some small details left to do. But I already did some casts and everything seems to go perfect.

Based on the bust I started as a demonstration on my first sculpting class, I started a Wasteland Wanderer. It will be the first bust I ever sculpted with a "hand" on the bust.

Then there are some other projects slowly progressing.

Working on the Body for my "screaming fish men warrior".

And, of course, the very old sculpt... the Cosmonaut. Also very far in the progress.
I'm really looking forward to finish this one ... some work in progress projects really needs to get out of the cabinet at some point :D

I hope you like some of the projects :)

Keep on creating!


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