Thanks to Markus!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

today there is not a big post on MV as Raffa, Roman, Peter and Sanne are on vacations. Raffa is in Spain with his girlfriend and Roman, Peter and Sanne spent some lazy time in Budapest.

This post is just to say thanks to one of Roman's long time supporters and private collectors with the name Markus.

Markus supported Roman's artistic career from the early start and recently visited him again in Augsburg to carry home two more projects to his collection. His collection is really huge and they have a special place in his cabinet at home. Roman asked him for a photo to just see all the memories in one spot. Thanks for the photo, Markus!

If you know Roman's history as a miniature painter or if you call one copy of
MV's Figure-Art Artbook your own you might recognize the one or the other piece!

Thank you, Markus!


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