Review: Painting Class with Kirill Kanaev

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

right after the Duke of Bavaria 2015 we had another little MassiveVoodoo and friends class.

This time it was the first painting class of master Kirill Kanaev aka Yellow One. The class took place at the good ol' MassivVoodoo Studio in Augsburg.
We had a two day class where Kirill showed us his techniques in oil and acrylics for cloth, skin, leather, texturing and more. So pretty much all we needed to paint a Young Miniature bust with Kirill in our painting mind. Of course we were only scratching the surface of Kirill's crazy skills. But luckily the class was a small group of 6 and Kirill calm as always so pace wasn't too fast.

Lets' hear what the attendees have to say about Kirill's masterclass:

When Roman asked me if I wanted to take part in Kirill's workshop, with only a few spots for participants, it didn't take me long to decide. In my opinion - and probably many others - Kirill is one of the most gifted artist in the miniatureworld. I've attended a lot of painting classes in the past, but this one was very special and satisfying. I would call it a highly specialiced masterclass. The main goal was to achieve great blendings with oil paints and super fine textures for face, leather and fabrics, not concentrating so much on the basics. I definately benefitted a lot from Kirill's skills and knowledge. On top of that he is one of the nicest and - despity his insane talent - most humble persons I've met.
I was really happy to get the great possibility to visit the painting workshop of Kirill, because he is one of my favorite artists in this hobby. It was a really new experience to paint this big historical bust and the start was really hard for me, but in the end I am really happy with the result. The color understanding and the detail work of Kirill are really outstanding. He is a painting god for me and many others I guess!! :-D

Just for watching Kirill in the class was worth traveling. He has so much routine everything seems to be natural and easy for him. In the beginning I was a bit worried, because we had to paint with and I am really not familiar with it. But with Kirill's instruction it was easy to understand and in the end just another painting medium.
For me personally the most interesting parts where those about details and textures. Kirill is a master in his element and on top the smoothest guy around.

When I think of miniature painting as an art form, Kirill is a master.
If I think of miniature painting as a skill, Kirill is a master.
If miniature painting is copying the real world in a small scale, Kirill is a master.
In any case, if it has to do anything with miniature painting, Kirill was a master for a very long time, he is a master and he will always be a master.
That's my opinion and I think many will agree.
He defined and created many unique techniques and painted so many amazing, breathtaking miniatures that it impressed me for years.
Just looking at his works I can learn and learn and learn.

And he is also an amazing person that still has both feet on the ground, even when all the fanboys (like us) tell him how awesome he paints ;)

Oh, about the class... :)
It was a great experience seeing and understanding many things that I saw on his finished miniatures and busts. I also finally managed to control oil colors and I will for sure use them more often in the future thanks to Kirills easy and relaxing way of teaching.
Seeing him painting all the different textures was very eye opening in many aspects.
The two days passed way to fast with all those amazing people around :)
I hope to get another chance someday to join one of his classes to refine those skills (when I trained them for my own a bit).
If you get the chance to go to his class, take it! Especially as an experienced painter!

Roman the big one
Painting with Kirill Kanaev - what can I say. When I think back to the days when I started painting miniatures Kirill aka Yellow One already was a huge inspiration and a master painter in his skills. I admired his strokes of paint, his use of colours back in those days. Well, until today nothing much has changed in this. I am always fascinated when I see his work and it was great to paint with him during the class and get to know his techniques. Best thing for me - beside the great advices: Kirill is such a cool guy! I always remember back when I first met him in Monte San Savino I was afraid he would eat me for breakfast, but far from it. He is a very unique personality with great humor and I am thankful for the great time spent together and hope to spent some more in future days!

Roman from Russia
Most amazing thing that I've learned from the masterclass was about Kirills technics. I meant it's not really about all this crazy brushwork that he did. Kirill showed us crazy painting skills, that he had received after so much years of painting, but his great painting results is not really about this thing, it's about rather big knowledge how this world works. 
After some classes i've participated in last years I understand one littlebig thing , if you want to paint something that should look like real , you have to learn how it works in real life.
It's not only about lights and shadows and colours and something like this.
Whant to paint a leaf? Than you should know everything about every micron in that leaf.

And in this thing Kirill is true master!


If you also want to have a painting class with Kirill feel free to ask him. He his planing some more. Don't be afraid because he is big and russian.  He is a smooth operator!


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