Random Encounter

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle Painters,

well, I recently finished another miniature project, a great model by Fer Miniatures called 
"Random Encounter". This little dwarf fella was truely a lot of fun to do, already starting to joy me up while unpacking and preparing him for painting.

Additional to the fun the miniature itself brings I was able to paint it together with a friend and several times student of mine, Thorsten. Thorsten was the first student who visited me for private coaching back in ... wohow, 2012 and decided to again some weeks ago. Thorsten runs a blog too, called Howling Wolves, where he speaks about his hobby passion.

Well, Thorsten arrived for the private coaching and we both were so familar and busy working that we forget about taking a group photo, but yeah this will be a story for the private coaching review itself. Coming soon!

The base for the model was created during a private coaching with Roman and Nadia from Russia, where we trained to become better basebuilders. Both wanted to learn more about composition rules, approaches to such a enormous base work and special materials for the topic: Dungeon. Thorsten decided to paint the dwarf by Fer during his private coaching with the topic: I want to learn to paint athmosphere! Thorsten will tell you more about his experience in doing a second private coaching soon here on MV. I've finished a model, yay.

The basework:

The paintwork was focused on explaining Thorsten how to paint athmosphere to a piece. We started with basic elements of colour choices and went deep into painting valley togehter. My student did very well and I was also happy with the result of my two day teaching:

Random Encounter
Fer Miniatures, 54 mm

Well, as I said Thorsten did very well. Here is a little preview of what he did learn during the two day coaching, but more about it in the review ahead.

If you want to see more photos of my version of the Random Encounter feel invited to visit Putty&Paint. You can also find Thorsten version there too!

Well, so far from my lair under the jungle canopy!
Keep on happy painting everyone!

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