Review: Duke of Bavaria 2015

by Massive Voodoo

Dear jungle painters,

it´s summer and the temperatures are rising.
Even if the apes are enjoying the sun sometimes, they are also very busy with preparing cool stuff and holding classes. But the beginning of summer also means that there is an awesome event ahead, or to be correct there already was :-)

From 15th until 17th of May the jungle visited the Duke of Bavaria Show in Ingolstadt.

To enjoy this event is almost a tradition for us and as soon as the new dates are public we mark it with a huge red pen in our calendars. There are only few shows where we can meet and chat with close friends from all over the world. And, happily this group of people is growing from year to year.

As some of you might know, the show - usually held in the New Castle - is wandering through Ingolstadt for two years. This is caused by a huge exhibition called "Napoleon in Bavaria" in the New Castle and which occupies the rooms usually used by the Duke of Bavaria Show. Last year, the show took place in the "Reduit Tilly", an old stronghold in the middle off Ingolstadt. This year we had another, even nicer location: the "Exerzierhalle Klenzepark".

The Exerzierhalle (=parading hall in English) is a bigger hall, not far from the Reduit Tilly, in the middle of nice park. So, even if the hall is smaller than the Reduit, it´s not a disadvantage. On the contrary, all the traders and miniature painters are together in a cool area. By this the people are meeting each other all the time and chats are starting everywhere. While walking through the hall you hear the names of miniature companies, different colors and painters everywhere. The atmosphere was great. And if you were overwhelmed by the pure positive intensity of the show, you could get outside and relax in the sunny park.

But perhaps some personal statements will help you to catch a glimpse of the whole event:

Let´s hear from Max:

"There are several reasons why I visit The Duke every single year. This year, however, was something special again thanks to the location. The "Exerzierhalle" is almost perfect to host a show. Located beautifully in the middle of park, having the right size, big windows letting in broad daylight, only one single room without any disturbing walls inbetween, this all added to a great atmosphere. The great atmosphere, created not only by the location but even more by the show itself and all painters and visitors (a lot of them I am happy to call friends), animated me to buy way too many miniatures. Now I only need the time to transport my motivation and turn the new miniatures into painted ones... Hopefully, I will be able to show some of them at next year's Duke. And I hope to see my (old and new) friends there!"

Peter says:

"The Duke of Bavaria is a "must-go" every year. Actually for me it´s the start of the painting season. It´s the signal to leave all these bad thoughts caused by winter depression behind and look foreward to a sunny summer. This year´s location was great: open, bright and chilly. This is how a location should be. There was enough room for everybody and I never felt like being in crowd. So, I was relaxed and could enjoy the event and have a lot of funny chats with old and new friends. The Duke of Bavaria is the most important show in Germany. Every year it´s well-organized and there are always so many incredible miniatures from so many awesome painters. If you have never been there: go there next year and you will do it every year following. I promise :-) 



Roman says:

"Following every years tradition the Duke of Bavaria is a very good miniature show. A weekend that is filled with friend- and comradship due all the miniature painters and friends visiting. Enjoying the beautiful weather, looking at all the nice miniatures and enjoying chats and talks with friends made the weekend for me!"

Additional pictures can be found on the Duke of Bavaria´s new website: CLICK!

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See you next year!

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