Touch of Death

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

I am very proud to show you my latest, finished project "Touch of Death" today, here on the blog.
Why am I proud? Because I walked a very, very hard way to finally show it here. Most of the things that made the way so hard are very personal things I won't post here on the blog. But it was by far the thoughest project so far...

Some short facts about the project before the photos:
- Around 450 hours of work, including 3D work, concept phase, planning, sculpting, painting and working on the base.
- 5 weeks of time.
- 39 consumed energy drinks (Red Bull & Relentless ;-)
- Everything on the project is sculpted completely by myself except the birds on the trees (those are sold by Preiser)
- Sculpting putty was mostly a mix of Uro and Super Sculpey (thanks again to Tue Kaae for showing me this awesome mix). Fimo and Super Sculpey Firm were also used.
- Most of the plants are stuff found in our forests except the fern, the fern is laser cut paper manufactured by Fredericus Rex (Green Line)

Edit: You can now find a lot of background information about the project here:
Touch of Death - Sculpting
Touch of Death - Painting

I made this project to bring it to the Crystal Brush in Chicago, if you check out the post before this one, you will find a summary of Romans and my travel experiences. It was an awesome trip!

After all my project made the third place in the competition, which was, to be honest, dissappointing to me. But life goes on and as long as you can focus on what is important in life, it is easier to take such a situation as it is.

Maybe it is an artist thing, or maybe a human thing, but most people seem to always seek love and acknowledgement... but by "losing" I learned to not strife for things I will never get by painting a figure. I get love and acknowledgement every single day by my loving fiancé, my great friends and family. And this knowledge is worth much more than 10.000 dollars.

The theme of this work is, in my opinion, not the fight of a rotting undead giant against a wood elf. My interpretation is about mankind and nature, how greed can destroy every aspect of nature and invade a world that existed long before mankind even existed. See the giant as a incarnation of mankind and maybe you see the project in the same way that I do. Not as a fight of death against life (that's what I tried to show in a visual way), but mankind's cruel antic against nature.

Why I write "in my opinion"? Because this project leaves a lot of free space to make up your own interpretation of the story.

Anyway. I don't want to strain you anymore with my talk ;)

Touch of Death
overall view

detail view




I really hope you enjoy the photos and to see you the coming weekend in Ingolstadt on the Duke of Bavaria, where I will put "Touch of Death" into competition :)

And be sure to check the blog regulary the next days for a lot of work in progress photos starting tommorrow with the sculpting part.

Best wishes,


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