Private Practice Review Preview

by Roman aka jar

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While writing those lines I feel like a dog that slept in the streets and was hit by a car the other day. I am dead tired and have a rough time hitting the right keys. After the trip to the US, the arrival of guests for the Duke of Bavaria, the arrival of the books, the weekend of the Duke of Bavaria Show itself, the days after and finally an additional private practice with awesome students I just can say "ough!" ... I need some time to write some emails of my personal mountain of emails. Sorry to those who have to wait for an answer the last days. The sky is soon free of clouds and mails will be written soon ... but first, sleep!

The studio appears as deep jungle right now ...
mmh ... the Rhinoking is finally on the road to his new home and my heart is bleeding somehow!

The results of 2 intense days private practice by three different students ... well, they made their experience levels :)
... but before the bigger review of this private practice will appear in the jungle some time might pass, as the books need attention and my cats :)


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