Introducing: The Screaming Heretic

by Roman aka jar

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Right here, right now I want to introduce to our readers:


Well, that is indeed a very nerdy name, but that is perfect as we all are nerds and love Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines.

In fact it is the perfect name for the podcast show Jen and Joe and their friends are hosting over on  
The Screaming Heretic!

If you are into wargaming, conversions, battle reports, event reports, interviews and much more this podcast is the right addition to your hobby sources. Filled with tons of funny chats, a great sense of humor and many informative news this radio station offers you great fun while listening. Beside that Joe and Jen are truly awesome people and their team of friends sorrounding this cool couple is just a horde of screaming heretics. Cool family over there! Let the heretics scream and thanks for your time, effort and work you put in your podcasts.

Your invitation as reporters for the GenCon 2013 was well deserved!

Rock on and for those of you who did not yet know about the Screaming Heretic -
go and listen! It's worth it!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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