Mu 33 - Penal Guard 10 Man Resin Squad, Victoria Miniatures

by Roman aka jar

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Hello figure friends!

This Miniature Unpacked (MU) will be about some cool figures from Australia, sculpted by the one and only Victoria Lamb, distributed under the label 'Victoria Miniatures'.

Lucky me, as I was able to meet Victoria over at the Adepticon 2013 and I enjoyed chatting with her and also enjoyed having a look on her figures plus new releases. Victoria does some really cool 28 mm figures. Very unique themed, but always with that special look that makes them fit in mostly every 28 mm Wargames you can find out there. A great addition for every gamer who is searching for that unique piece in his army.

So, I will have a look on her

"Penal Guard 10 Man Resin Squad"

Penal Guard 10 Man Resin Squad

Beware this is what the homepage says:

"This set is currently available on a pre-order basis. Kits will be shipped in May-June on a first come first serve basis. Limited advance sets will be also available to purchase at Adepticon 2013.
These have been cast in the finest resin and represent Victoria Miniatures first project with an expert USA casting company with over 40 years experience in the hobby.

This Kit comes with Free shipping worldwide."

Well, let's have a look - this is how they arrive:

When you open the box you'll find (taken again from the homepage):

Contents are:
10 Individual Convict heads
3 Character Convict Heads
3 Overseer Heads
10 Legs
10 Convict Torsos
2 Overseer Torsos
1 Overseer Arms with baton and Pistol
Overseer Equipment pouches and Holster
11 Convict Rifle Arms
4 Convict Shivs
10 x 25mm Round Plastic Slotta Bases.

The first look on the Resin parts is just cool. A good quality and also the Resin is easy to handle with your hobby tools. It is not too hard that it breaks and not too soft to be plastic. What caught my attention the most in the first look were the faces of the whole squad. Such cool and individual faces - wow!

On the second look I saw that there is definatly some minor cleaning to do. It is mainly some thin resin rests that have to be cut away with a hobby knife, here and there a mould line, but not too much, all cool, normal casting remains.

On the third look I was a little scared about the detail parts and the cleaning. Where the torsos, heads and legs were all fine and quickly done because of the resin material the smaller parts looked weird of the resin remains:

If you really go there with your knife, take care, do not break thin parts. With a little patience the thin resin remains surrounding the figures are easy to handle.

In conclusion I can only say: If you are a gamer and searching for a cool and unique styled squad - Victoria got it for you! Get yours here!

If you want to read more MUs - check this link!

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