WIN: Games Day Ticket Germany 2013

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hello people!

You are making ready to enter the Golden Demon Germany 2013 (August 11th 2013) or just want to visit the famous german Games Day?

You are still not convinced by the new ticket prizes and still think about your travel might be worth the money?

Now you've come to the right place in the right time:

Win yourself a free Games Day ticket for this years event in Cologne, Germany.
All travel costs are up to you, we only provide and ship you the ticket.

How to win?
Hit the comments and tell us your painting story, your "Why?" it has to be you who wins that ticket!
Be creative and honest and this jungle prize might be yours! One person, one comment! Only here, not on facebook or elsewhere!

This event runs until May 31th 2013. On that date the best answer will be chosen by the elder monkeys of the tribe!

Hit it!


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