Step by Step - Disturbed Sin, a Slaanesh party

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa brushfriends,

Again another Step by Step that was once announced hits the fan.
I try to collect all that was done from the depths of my mind, but sometimes my creative mind is like a fan :D

So please do not search for colour reciepes in this article, but for inspiration which I hope there you may find plenty.

Now to the big monstrum.
The Slaanesh project, a Forgeworld piece I did for a long time german collector of my figures whom I owe gratitude because of his patience with me. I'll try to tell some steps I have encountered during that journey, in fact the project is already done while I am writing these lines and it costs me some motivation to sort and prepare the photos for the blog, but hopefully in the end it can appear in a big step by step article ... and it can!

The early start on this big figure was way back in the past. I try to recover all of it.

Starting the "figure" with taking care of cleaning, glueing and filling gaps.

Those big demon dreadlocks made me mad. I put them into cooking water and moved them gently to the fitting dynamic poses. Take care of your hands, do them one by one and ... maybe there is an article missing in the tutorial section.

Base was build with plastic card, aluminium foil ...

Followed by crack! crack! with hammer to stone ...

... and superglue plus roots.

And after the figure was pinned to the base 
I finally added some soil/dried natural earth and primed white:

I was searching for basic colours and went at the big model using my airbrush first with a very, very bright tourqouise/white mixed tone, also made some pfft! pfft! with the airbrush and some unserious purple:

Sketching the base appearance too ... and added some more serious 
sketches of purple areas:

Some gentle magenta sketches to some areas, some sandy brown sketch to the horns ... right now I was losing interest in the figure and it stood untouched for a while after this step:

After a year has passed it was time again to get back to the project. It's clothing was done with a red basecoat. The last view on the figure looked like this - I planned to put other figures to the base to make a big party of sin ...

Now after some days without work on it I took a moment to step back and saw the first thing I got to handle is some work on the base. To see the figure better in the end. For my taste the base was way too bright for such a demonic evil scene. I took some black/purple and threw it to the lower areas of the base:

Next step was working on the skin areas again. I did clean up the main areas, put some shadows here and there and some lights there. Using glazes and some weird wet in wet technique to recieve the better saturated transititons on the claws. It is still wet on the photo, the reason why it is so shiny:

I decided to use dark grass on the base. Using products from MiniNatur and priming them black before applying them to the base. On the base they will recieve some gentle drybrushing on the upper areas with some bright grey I guess.

I felt something else was needed to bring it all together on that base. I choose black/brown pigments and rocked over the base. I was pretty happy with the result. Additional I used some gloss varnish to her feet and claws. The first layer applied here, some more will come. Some areas, those I could not identify as what they should be (ripped skin in her face and chest), were painted in Elf flesh as a basic tone:

During two Painting Classes in Augsburg I painted the two demonettes in the same colour scheme. They are not completly finished as my plan told me to check back on them when the whole project comes together. A little additional light here and there will follow.

The same happened to the Beastman and the Chaos Warrior Conversion. Painted to 90% somewhere in between those countless days of painting, yet they are not finished and I even forgot to take a decent photo of their progress.

In the final steps of this big demon I went for the purple claws and made the purple stronger and darker in contrast by using glazes of Magenta and glazes of Magenta mixed with black.

The horns have glazed with a more intense brown. As far as I can remember I started glazing on the already applied bright basic tone with graveyard earth (sand tone), followed by glazes with an additional drop of bestial brown in the mix. It was time for detail work on the metals, skin, claws, horns, face ... and this has been - again - a fail by me as I did not really made decent photos again. It is often very hard to step back in the last hours as I am doing small things here, small things there, over there and there and I just failed to take a photo all the time. In the end I can say the final work is all about contrast, edge highlights, dark lining, making colours stronger and effect work. This sums it up pretty well. Sorry for my failure at this point.

I placed the other folks around the big lady and checked where something was missing for the overall picture. Like I told you: A little light or shadow here, more colour here, more cleaner here or there, a little black bush again over here and so on.

Gore! I was missing gore in the end, so blood was applied to these demons and the guitar playing beastman. A raging party of Sin who cuts through their victims.

After this monster was done my wet palette looked like I felt - exhausted :D

The comissioner and I were really happy about the end result and the fact that the project was finally done in such a cool way. There was no real plan in the beginning. The collector just said that he wanted that piece of demon booty painted by me and the muse made me do this scene. Here you can see the final result:

If you want to see more shots check Putty&Paint!

I hope you enjoyed reading this step by step. 
Let me know what you think? Let me know where my words did not explain right?
Let me know if you got questions left?

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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