The Last Stand

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle visitor,

in the next few lines I will again talk about my little private collection of little scared girls from Privateer Press. I will prepare a bigger post where all of those girls who went in and out of my collection will be summed up. Prepare yourself!

First let me tell you a little story about a postapocalyptic happening. The world is drowning in Anarchy, people kill people, the air is polluted a little bit, the sky is cloudy every day and hope has long left the place, BUT there are still some friends left who fight for survival.

This was my exchange figure to Sabine aka Holla die Waldfee in return to her figure she gave to me last year at the Duke of Bavaria. I did build and paint the base during two classes I did at the Adepticon. The animals are from Mantis Miniatures, conversion on one of them and also Legolas from GW has been converted to a postapocalyptic super-bowman! Hope you like it!

The Last Stand
28 mm

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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