Pimp my Detolf!

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Yooo hoo!

This time for something completely different, ok... not sooo different.

Everyone owns a Detolf, come on, don't be shy. Admit it. What? The gentlemen over there doesn't own a Detolf? Ok, you can skip this article.

Devote yourself to your Detolf, be proud of him and you will be rewarded!

...... enough of this strange talk, haha. Let's get serious!

Detolf is a display cabinet produced and sold by Ikea.
As it is one of the cheapest options to display painted models many miniature painters own such a cabinet. The problem is... it's not very pleasing in it's appearance.

I've read a lot about improving the appearance of the cabinet in the last days. Here's what I've done to my two cabinets:

First you may notice the new lights spread out on the two cabinets. Those are 2x DIODER lights. The cheap one with 4 white light strips. I fixed them to the steel rods which hold the glass shelfes with zip ties.

Next was a dark background for the cabinets, I made this with a rest of canvas and fixed it on top of the backside.

And finally, to raise the height of the cabinet and give it a more impressive appearance, I put two single EXPEDIT units under the cabinets. Those units got two doors to store all the stuff I didn't want to put inside of the cabinet. Very neat :)

So far, this was all the pimping I did to my units (apart from dusting and rearranging all the models).
Maybe this can serve as an inspiration for your pimping!

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