Time to say 'Goodbye' ...

by Roman aka jar

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Ey yo!

While looking in the cabinet in the studio I feel sad and good at the same time. Good because I have painted a lot lately. Sad because I am going to ship a lot of it soon to their new homes. Comissions. A love that you can hate :D

No, I am really happy to prepare the parcels and make everything ready for a save travel, but I will miss this view ...

 I am not sending everything away, but

'Your Waaagh ends here!'
'Ultramarine Honour Guard'
'Queen of the Undead'

will be packed the next week.

Also the Snake woman from Helldorado and the big Slaanesh Diorama are already sold. I am planning on a post that shows some other figures I got for sale at the moment, but soon. First Artbooks, then Painting class, then the rest.

At least there is some space for new things afterwards.
Packing a miniature for travel?

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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