PanOceania - CQB Segment 4

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

I want to introduce you to a small project that slowly grows.... everytime I have a little time on my hands I continue adding more figures to my small PanO (Infinity: The Game) army called CQB Segment 4.

This small group of fighters still has to grow to nine members to be the force I imagine them to be at the moment. Five are done at the moment and as a small intermediate step I want to show them here on the blog. Don't be too hard on judging them... they are intended as gaming figures.

Hope you like the guys (and girls)!

As said, the army is still growing and I want to make a step by step for this color scheme (mainly so I don't forget it, haha)

Best wishes,


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